• Estate Planning Guidebook™

    When I am not on the radio, I am helping people with their estate planning. You need to do the responsible thing when it comes to your estate planning. It may be as simple as putting together a will, a power of attorney, a living will, and my favorite, your “What About Me” instructions. Estate… Read More

    Estate Planning Guidebook™
  • Legal Line®

    Legal Line® has been your place to call in with legal questions since 1991. The program originated on CBS affiliate KIRO Radio in Seattle, Washington, and aired for many years on the “blowtorch” of the Northwest.  We have always tried to demystify the law, translate the legalese and point you in the right direction with regard… Read More

    Legal Line<sup>®</sup>

Learn the Truth About Estate Planning

Make sure your estate planning addresses real life and you don't end up with bare bones legal documents you don't even understand. It doesn't matter how much money you have - you still need to be responsible and provide "instructions" about what you want done for you and for your loved ones when disaster strikes, whether the disaster is incapacity or death.