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Estate Planning

Estate planning concerns everything you own and everyone you love! Your planning should address your greatest concerns and provide instructions about your own well-being and that of your loved ones. Introducing the Guidebook™ approach to planning for your lifetime.

Learn the Truth About Estate Planning

Make sure your estate planning addresses real life and you don't end up with bare bones legal documents you don't even understand. It doesn't matter how much money you have - you still need to be responsible and provide "instructions" about what you want done for you and for your loved ones when disaster strikes, whether the disaster is incapacity or death. Learn More »

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About My Practice - What are your concerns?

Robert Pittman

It's all about you. We can rattle off all kinds of technical stuff and try to dazzle you with legalese. But why? You have to assume that we know the law and how it applies in different circumstances. What we don't know is you and your concerns. Tell us your story and teach us about you; we'll help you with some really neat legal solutions. Learn More »

Pet Planning

Robert Pittman

Our pets and animal friends mean so much to us, but most of us will never take the time to plan properly for them. Planning for our pets may be as simple as putting a provision in our durable power of attorney and our will or as complex as creating a separate pet trust to hold and benefit our friends. Imagine your dog with her own brokerage account! Who knows, maybe she would do better than you have done picking investments. Learn More »